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Drake's Passage Mall Situated in the heart of St. Thomas' downtown tourist district, Drake's Passage Mall is bordered on three sides by St. Thomas' highest traveled pedestrian shopping traffic arteries. These streets, alleys and passageways, originally designed to move cargo easily from ship to shore, initially were converted from warehouse spaces to dry goods outlets, and subsequently to tourist oriented retail shops with the advent of tourism in the late 1950's and early 1960's.

Originally built in the early 1800's as a series of interconnecting single-story warehouse structures that ran from the Waterfront to Main Street, the Drake's Passage buildings straddle a central passage running lengthwise between the two structures with door openings onto a parallel alley known as Trompeter Gade, which serves as one of the principle pedestrian thoroughfares connecting the waterfront to Main Street.

The property was purchased by the Lockhart family in 1920 and operated as Lockhart Dry Goods & Department Store until the mid-1960's when it was leased and remodeled by a local developer. The lessee added the second floor office space and created the islands' first air-conditioned shopping mall on the ground level. Lockhart regained full management and operational control of the property in 1989 when it bought out the master lessee and has continued to upgrade the property while making major repairs and adding tourist amenities like public restrooms, an expanded mid-passage restaurant and a now planned open-air waterfront bistro.

Twenty-six of Drake's Passages' thirty tenants are dedicated to the tourist market, many having operated in the downtown shopping district for more than twenty-five years. Thirteen of the retail shops are within the air-conditioned mall, with the Passage having access from both Main Street and the waterfront, and many of the shops having alternative traffic flow from Trompeter Gade. The second floor offices can be accessed from either the waterfront or Trompeter Gade.

Tenant Mix:

Retail Shops
Perfume Palace, Tanzanite International, Boolchands, Captain's Corner, Dadlani's Little Europe, Gold Corner, Kaycee Jewelers, T-Shirt Factory Outlet, Symygy, Paara's Gift Shop, Style, Gems & Gifts, Ajanta Jewelers, Brasilia, Charming Jewelers, El Dorado, Liberty Jeweler's, Kid's International, Nita's, Shamrock Jewelers, Renaissance Jewelers, Jacksons Jewelry & Gifts

Eateries & Bars
Bobby's Bar & Grill, Bobby's Waterfront Bar, Andel's Ice Cream Parlor

Stryker, Duensing, Casner & Dollison, Diamonds International, Beacon School

Total Square Footage: 33,000 square feet
Available Space: 2,500 square feet