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Strategy for Growth

Lockhart's primary business strategy is to: (i) actively manage and develop its U.S. Virgin Islands real estate to maximize cash flow; (ii) grow its insurance businesses in the Caribbean, the Hispanic community, and the Continental U.S.; (iii) grow its financial services business in the Caribbean and the Continental U.S.; (iv) utilize Lockhart's double minority-owned status to grow its current investments and to generate new business opportunities in the Continental U.S; and (v) fully utilize the stature of Lockhart and the Lockhart family in the U.S. Virgin Islands to generate regional business opportunities.

Lockhart's targeted Caribbean market (with an aggregate population of approximately ten million) represents one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world, with tourism being the driving force behind that growth. The Company believes that as the regional economies grow, there will be a corresponding growth in demand for insurance and other financial services. The Company believes that its Caribbean base, Lockhart's century-long prominence, its knowledge of the region and its long-standing personal and business relationships with tenants, real estate professionals, financial institutions, the political leadership and other members of the U.S. Virgin Islands business community, offer significant competitive advantages in finding investment opportunities in the U.S. Virgin Islands and elsewhere in the Caribbean. The Company plans to continue identifying consumer financial needs not presently met by the commercial banks and other existing financial intermediaries in the region.