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Lockhart Gardens Shopping Center Located in the middle of several residential communities, adjacent to the island's only hospital, and within comfortable walking distance from the principal cruise ship dock, Lockhart Gardens Shopping Center is one of St. Thomas' largest community shopping centers. Originally constructed in 1972, with two distinct large-scale pads (85,000 and 47,000 square feet, respectively) the shopping center has as anchors a supermarket, a large department store and a branch of a major commercial bank.

In 1995, following major damage caused by Hurricane Marilyn, Lockhart redesigned the shopping center to achieve overall architectural unification of the buildings, improve parking and vehicular circulation, and provide for a mini-mall. The Phase I renovation was completed in mid-1996 with the rebuilding of the southern section (85,000 square feet) of the shopping center. Lockhart is in the process of constructing the mini-mall (to be named "Garden Mall"), and recently signed a lease agreement with the Kmart Corporation for the space previously occupied by the Woolworth Department Store. The Phase II renovation of the shopping center is scheduled to commence upon resolution of litigation with the supermarket that arose following Hurricane Marilyn. Long-term development plans for the area include Lockhart's strategy for the undeveloped residential and commercial property located just north of the shopping center and will focus on its increasing the existing residential consumer base immediately adjacent to the shopping center.

For a description of Phase II developments Click Here.

Tenant Mix:

Kmart, Furniture Inn, Dilly D'Ally, If the Shoe Fits, Teacher's Aide, Sterling Optical, Genesis Communications, Town & Country Men's & Boy's Wear, Boutique de Unique, Kids Stide, Drug Farm Pharmacy, Footlocker

Food Service
McDonalds, Papa Johns Pizza

Emmons Watch Repair, St. Thomas Insurance, Gold Design, Triple J's Barbershop, Curves

Financial Services
Banco Popular

Dr. Duanne Jones, DDS

Total Square Footage: 140,200 square feet
Available Square Footage: 35,520 square feet